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English Version - Solar PV Panels


Solar PV systems for homeowners


We have a wide range of solar systems for homeowners from 1.7kW till 50kW. However the usuall systems for homeowners are from 1.7kW up to 9kW.

One of our solar panel has an extremely high 20years manufacturing warranty on the XP60P, Solartehnika made solar panel,a 25years warranty of minimal 80% efficiency and  12years warranty of minimal 90% efficiency. It also provide a gradual 0,7% yearly performance warranty which is also unique compare to many solar module producer.


Our second best selling solar modules' name is Sharp which name stands for itself.

We are installing our systems with ABB, Fronius or Diehl Platinum invertes.

There is nothing to do by costumer side. We do everything from papers to mount the solar PV panels.

GreenSys Electric is the answer when you look for a photovoltaic system.


For further informations, please get in touch with us here.


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